Change Management

What is Change Management? 

The processes, tools and techniques necessary to manage the people side of change. We take a holistic approach to maximize integration opportunities and enhance the mission of the entire organization.

Why Should You Be Interested? 

Whether you are moving offices or introducing a new way of working, project success requires people to adapt to the change. We support your stakeholders and staff to ensure a proper return on investment.

What is a Risk of Not Engaging? 

When people do not understand the change they cannot adapt to it. Staff buy-in and understanding and engaging in the change support the development of new habits which help prevent the spread of rumors, passive resistance, distrust and drops in productivity.

The ROI of Adoption

Ted Moudis Associates is prepared to support a successful transition by developing and implementing a strategically aligned change management program in collaboration with your team.


Understanding the stages of change is also important in measuring and mapping out your project’s success. We’ve developed a toolkit to support staff buy-in in the change, so we support the project as employees move from ‘anxiety’ to ‘acceptance’ as quickly as possible. This enables your organization as a whole to reach the ‘growth’ stage and begin to realize your return on investment and shift focus to new business opportunities.

Finding the Right Balance

Striking a balance between the impact of change and the organization’s capacity to invest in change strategies is key. Here are three likely scenarios:

Communicating what the change is for the organization and for the staff.

Preparing staff for the change and developing staff leadership buy-in.

Developing new skills and habits in leaders and staff to prepare them to transition to a new way of working.

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