Nicole Moudis

Senior Associate, Director of Resource Management

Nicole has distinguished herself as the Director of Resource Management of the Ted Moudis Associates’ Library. Her close contact with designers gives her the perfect balance of experience and knowledge to keep the library in order. Nicole handles all of the responsibilities regarding fabrics, carpets, and other materials, which includes the organization of all samples within our own library and constant contact with all vendors. Nicole has played a vital role in enforcing sustainable design at Ted Moudis Associates; she has transformed our library to include many eco-friendly products. She coordinates all manufacturers of both architectural and interior products presenting to and continually updating the design staff at Ted Moudis Associates. Nicole assists the designers with design and product research needed for presentations to clients.  In addition to these responsibilities, Nicole also coordinates events with representatives within the design industry. Her proactive efforts keep our staff consistently up-to-date on new and upcoming trends. Being detail oriented, conscientious and having the ability to maintain the resources available to all the designers, makes Nicole an important link in a successful design process.



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