Lara Funderburk, LEED AP

Senior Associate, Director of Furniture Coordination

With seventeen years of experience in interior design, Lara has created dynamic work environments with a focus on interiors for commercial offices, corporate headquarters, financial institutions, and law firms. Lara’s responsibilities include developing initial furniture budgets and schedules based upon projected quantities and furniture styles. For every project, Lara coordinates the inventory of a client’s existing furniture. She then develops plans with the client for the reuse and/or disposal of each piece of current furniture. Afterwards, the space is ready for its furniture design planning to begin. When the furniture design is completed, Lara issues RFPs to furniture manufacturers and dealers/installers to begin furniture bid leveling and analysis. She monitors all of the scheduling of the furniture production, delivery, and installation. She also monitors vendor performance to ensure satisfaction amongst all clientele. She continuously verifies the pricing, quantities, and specifications of the furniture design with both client and vendor, assuring that both are satisfied throughout the process. 

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