Ted Moudis Associates Offers Workplace Design Predictions for 2018,

Releases Updated Workplace Report

(New York, NY, September 21, 2017) – Ted Moudis Associates, a leading architectural and interior design firm, has released the findings of its new Workplace Report, offering a comprehensive insight into how companies today are using their office space.

The report encompasses data from more than 2.4 million square feet of workspace in the financial, professional services, consumer products and digital media sectors built throughout the United States over the past three years. This wealth of data makes possible the discernment of several current and future trends, such as the likelihood of having reached the limit of densification for personal workstations, with the result being a greater emphasis on alternative spaces like private rooms for focus work and collaborative zones for small team meetings. The increase in these types of spaces has resulted in the square footage per seat rising compared to TMA’s 2016 report. Other trends indicated by the data include an increase in the number of companies employing an activity-based work environment and a rise in the importance to clients of designing spaces that promote health and well-being.


“The conversations we are having today with clients are about how we create the best workplace for their employees,” commented Jamie Feuerborn, Director of Workplace Strategy at Ted Moudis Associates. “It’s much less about how many people they can fit in the space but rather how they can offer employees choices in how and where they work. And, as the numbers show, this goes beyond the workstation and the private office. It’s about providing more alternative spaces, from team spaces to individual spaces for heads-down work.”  

The report also identifies predictions for 2018:

  • In 2017, alternative seating took up 52% of the workspace. TMA predicts that there will be a further increase in alternative seating that will be dedicated to quiet rooms and individual spaces for focus work.

  • As 21.5% of workplace seating in 2017 was amenity-driven, TMA anticipates an increased investment in people through providing additional amenity spaces focused on employee well being.

  • As clients gain a better understanding of the benefits that come from investing in change management, we will see an increase in change management strategies that minimize the negative impact of change on a company and its staff.

  • Companies will increasingly continue to align their cultures with an activity-based work environment.

  • We’ll see a rise in the development of branding strategies for clients who are looking to provide a more holistic experience for their staff and clients.


The 2017 Workplace Report was compiled by the Workplace Strategy Team at Ted Moudis Associates. For more information about the report, or to talk with a Ted Moudis Associates Workplace Strategy expert, please call Great Ink at (212) 741-2977. 


Download the report here




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